Oct 22

Congratulations to the Winners of the Best Paper Awards!

Posted by on Oct 22 2021 at 04:43 pm

Several best paper awards have been given at this WASPAA. Other than the traditional Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards, four Special Best Paper awards have been given.


  • Christian J Steinmetz for receiving the Best Student Paper award for the paper “Filtered Noise Shaping for Time Domain Room Impulse Response Estimation From Reverberant Speech”, coauthored with Vamsi Krishna Ithapu and Paul Calamia
  • Krishna Subramani and Paris Smaragdis for receiving the Best Paper award for the paper “Point Cloud Audio Processing”
  • Yu Wang, Nicholas J. Bryan, Justin Salamon, Mark Cartwright and Juan Pablo Bello for receiving the Best Audio Few-Shot Learning Paper award for the paper “Who Calls the Shots? Rethinking Few-Shot Learning for Audio”
  • Yuma Koizumi, Shigeki Karita, Scott Wisdom, Hakan Erdogan, John Hershey, Llion Jones and Michiel Bacchiani for receiving the Best Speech Enhancement Paper award for the paper “DF-Conformer: Integrated Architecture of Conv-TasNet and Conformer Using Linear Complexity Self-Attention for Speech Enhancement”
  • Thomas Dietzen, Enzo De Sena and Toon van Waterschoot for receiving the Best Acoustic Source Localization Paper award for the paper “Low-Complexity Steered Response Power Mapping Based on Nyquist-Shannon Sampling”
  • Eduardo Fonseca, Aren Jansen, Dan Ellis, Scott Wisdom, Marco Tagliasacchi, John Hershey, Manoj Plakal, Shawn Hershey, R. Channing Moore and Xavier Serra for receiving the Best Audio Representation Learning Paper award for the paper “Self-Supervised Learning From Automatically Separated Sound Scenes”



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