Note: WASPAA 2021 will be a fully virtual event

In addition to papers presenting theoretical and practical advances, WASPAA 2021 is seeking demonstrations of novel technologies in the field. Demonstrations at WASPAA 2021 are intended to complement the overall program of the workshop in order to present and discuss practical achievements, challenges, and performance results of innovative implementations, integrations, and prototypes.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the hybrid virtual nature of WASPAA 2021, 4 3 modes of presentations will be available to presenters:

  1. [Physical] Physical demos at Mohonk – similar to previous years.
  2. [Live Video] Demos performed over a video-conferencing platform in real time during the workshop.
  3. [Pre-Recorded] Pre-recorded video demos. The authors will answer questions about the demo on demand through the WASPAA virtual platform.
  4. [Online] Interactive web-based demos developed and hosted online by the authors. A public Internet link to access the online demo will be provided by the authors. The authors will answer questions about the demo on demand through the WASPAA virtual platform.

Submission Guidelines

The submission and selection process for WASPAA 2021 Demos is separate from the paper submission.
Submissions should be sent as a pdf file via email to by August 8, 2021 (AoE).

Each Demo submission should consist of the following elements:

  1. Demo title, list of presenters, including contact details.
  2. Demo type: Physical; Live Video; Pre-Recorded; Online
  3. Brief description of the system to be demonstrated, detailing the application, problem scenario, key technology, and what a visitor will learn from the demo. In particular, authors should highlight the novel contributions, integrated algorithms, and interactive aspects of the system.
  4. For physical demos, a complete list of equipment and the space required for the demo. Please note that authors must provide their own equipment.
  5. For physical and live demos, details about the necessary operating conditions and maturity of the demonstration.
  6. For pre-recorded and online demos, a detailed description of the planned content of the video or webpage, or a link to them if already available.
  7. If the demo is related to a paper submitted to WASPAA, authors should specify the paper submission reference, title, and list of authors.

Selection Process

Each submission will be assessed by the Organizing Committee. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Relevance to topics of interest of WASPAA 2021
  • Significance and originality
  • Technical quality
  • Maturity and readiness for demonstration in physical or virtual form
  • Potential for public interaction
  • Potential impact in the intended application domain

Authors will be informed via email of the outcome of the selection process by August 20, 2021.

At least one author of each accepted demonstration is required to register to WASPAA.


For any questions regarding demonstrations and demo proposals, please contact the Demo Chair: Antoine Deleforge (Inria Nancy),

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